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Woodcraft Customer Service

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-535-4482
Available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST
Email: [email protected]

Order by Phone:

Order Toll-Free at 1-800-225-1153
or 304-428-4866
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. EST
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Woodcraft Product Tech Support: 1-800-535-4486

Available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST
Email: [email protected]

Mail Order:

Woodcraft Supply, LLC
P.O. Box 1686
Parkersburg, WV 26102-1686
Download Order Form.

Order by Fax:

24 hours a day
Download Order Form.


Woodcraft Supply, LLC
Attn: Returns
406 Airport Industrial Park
Parkersburg, WV 26104-9778

Woodcraft Partner Associations

Woodcraft is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, the Parkersburg (W.Va.) Chamber of Commerce and the National Retail Federation.

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – We Promise!

We’re absolutely confident that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase from Woodcraft! If you’re not, return it anytime within 90 days and we will gladly replace the product, give you credit, or refund your money, whichever you prefer. Woodcraft’s Guarantee does not apply to power tools, which are subject only to manufacturer’s warranties. Special-order items and manufacturer drop-ship items may not allow returns or may be subject to a restocking fee. See individual product page for details.


C-TPAT LogoC-TPAT Stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and is a voluntary initiative to build cooperative arrangements with our overseas suppliers to strength and improve the overall international supply chain and U.S. border security. Through C-TPAT, importers, ensure the integrity of their security practices, verify the security guidelines of their suppliers, and take an active role in preventing acts of terrorism.


Woodcraft's goal is to maintain the published prices in the catalog and internet for the period of time shown. However, due to unanticipated changes and/or typographical errors pricing may increase, or decrease, without notice. To obtain current pricing prior to ordering, please call 800-225-1153. Retail store pricing may vary from internet or catalog pricing.

MAPP Pricing

In order to provide the best support from our manufacturer's and vendors, we have agreed to abide by their 'MAPP' or Minimum-Advertised-Price-Policy which is why we are unable to display the sale price on the product page. Please be assured that Woodcraft stands behind its sale prices and you can return an item for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department with any questions 1-800-225-1153.

Why do I need cookies enabled? requires a type of cookie commonly referred to as a "session cookie" to uniquely identify a user's visit to the website. Without the use of this cookie, is not able to track what items have been added to your cart thereby disabling the checkout process. This session cookie contains no personal information and is designed to only enhance your shopping experience. If you continue to have issues, please contact customer service at 1-800-225-1153 to place your order.

How do I check the status of my order online?

Click on "Your Account" at the top of any page and log in to see your order history. We'll tell you when your order was shipped, provide a tracking number (if available) and link you to the carrier's site to track your order. If you have an online account, and you place an order by phone, mail or fax, you will still be able to see the order status online. (To see your order history, you must provide a password when you create an account or place your first order.)

How do I check my Gift Card Balance?

Wondering how much is left on your Woodcraft Gift Card? Click Here to Check Your Balance

Is ordering over the Internet safe?

Ordering from our is a safe, completely encrypted, secure process using secure socket layer (SSL) technology.

I'm concerned about privacy. What's going to happen to my name and address?

We're committed to protecting your privacy. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Are prices the same in the catalog, online and in the stores?

Sometimes an item that is on sale in the stores may not be on sale in the catalog or online, or vice-versa. When that happens, please mention it to us. We are always willing to honor sale prices online. Woodcraft cannot be held responsible for pricing errors, in print or otherwise.

How can I redeem my Gift Card online?

Have your gift card handy during the checkout process. During the last step on the payment page, you will be asked if you want to redeem your gift card. Type in the card and pin number and click apply, it is just as easy as that.

Why are you charging me sales tax?

We are required by law to collect and remit sales tax in certain states. For orders shipped to any of the following states, the tax amount listed will be applied to your order.

  • AL - 4% plus county or city rates, depending on jurisdiction
  • AR - 6.5% plus local rates
  • AZ - 5.6%
  • CA - 7.5% plus local rates
  • CT - 6.35%
  • CO - 2.9% plus local rates
  • DC - 6%
  • FL - 6%
  • GA - 4% plus county or city rates, depending on jurisdiction
  • HI - 4% plus local rates
  • IA - 6% plus local rates
  • ID - 6%
  • IL - 6.25%
  • IN - 7%
  • KS - 6.15%
  • KY - 6%
  • MA - 6.25%
  • ME - 5.5% plus local rates
  • MD - 6%
  • MI - 6%
  • MN - 6.875%
  • MO - 4.225% plus local rates
  • MS - 7% plus local rates
  • NC - 6.75% - 7.25% depending on county tax
  • ND - 5% plus local rates
  • NE - 5.5% plus local rates
  • NJ - 6.625%
  • NM - 5.125% plus local rates
  • NV - 4.6% plus local rates
  • NY - 4% - 8.875% depending on jurisdiction
  • OH - 6.25% - 7.75% depending on county
  • OK - 4.5%
  • PA - 6% - 8% depending on jurisdiction
  • RI - 7%
  • SC - 6% plus local rates
  • SD - 4.5%
  • TN - 7%
  • TX - 6.25%
  • UT - 4.7 – 8.35% plus county or city rates, depending on jurisdiction
  • VA - 5.3% - 6% depending on jurisdiction
  • VT - 6%
  • WA - 7% - 9.6% depending on jurisdiction
  • WI - 5%
  • WV - 6% plus local rates
  • WY - 4% plus local rates

Can I use my Woodcraft coupon online?

To apply a Woodcraft coupon to your online order, locate the Code printed on your coupon and enter it in the appropriate box on the Shopping Cart page. Provided your coupon is valid, your discount will by applied to your shopping cart when you click "Apply".

Why do I need a password?

You can place an order without providing a password, but you won't be able to log in and see your Order History or keep a Wish List. We highly recommend providing a password when you create an account or place your first order. The use of a password also saves you from having to key in all of your personal ordering data (name, address, etc.) the second time you order. Your credit card information is not retained in this file and it is not accessible by anyone over the Internet.

What if an item is on back order?

If an item is out of stock, a message will be on the product page, and a 'Ships On [date]' note will be on the item if you add it to your cart. Woodcraft makes every effort to ship the remaining items complete for the customer. Sometimes a backorder may be delayed to consolidate the remaining items. Contact Customer Service if you have questions regarding the expected date of your order. You can still decide to purchase that item, and when it arrives in stock, it will be shipped immediately. Please note, however, that all items will be charged to your payment method at the time the order is placed including back-ordered items that may ship in the future.

You will receive an email notification with the back order date and if the date changes. If, at any time, you decide you do not want the back ordered item, you can still cancel that item by calling Woodcraft Customer Service at 800-535-4482. Woodcraft will issue a refund.

How do I change an order that was just placed online?

To cancel the entire order, call Customer Service at 800-535-4482 and they will cancel your online order, and refund your PayPal account. To remove item(s) from your order, call Customer Service at 800-535-4482 and they will remove the item(s) and refund your PayPal account. Unfortunately, additional items may not be added to your original PayPal order. You can place another order online and choose to use PayPal again OR Customer Service can place the order via phone with a credit card.

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